Nicaragua and Iceland to cooperate on geothermal training

Website snapshot of GRO Geothermal Training Program, UNESCO in Iceland
Alexander Richter 27 Jan 2020

As part of a cooperation of Iceland with Nicaragua, two to three Nicaraguan specialists will be studying with the Geothermal Training Program under the auspices of UNESCO in Iceland.

Reported from Nicaragua last week, the Minister Private Secretary for National Policies, Dr. Paul Oquist held a meeting with Mrs. Malfridur Omarsdottir, an official of the Iceland-based Geothermal Training Program under the auspices of UNESCO, in which he spoke of the collaboration with Nicaragua, which is based on the promotion of the use of geothermal energy and in the plans promoted by the Sandinista Government in the field of clean and renewable energy.

Dr. Oquist stressed that the exchange includes the preparation of a group of Nicaraguans who will be studying in Iceland for 6 months in geothermal matters, which represents substantial support for the people and government of Nicaragua.

“We are very pleased with this very useful cooperation from Iceland and with the presence of Mrs. Omarsdottir here in Nicaragua, who is going to start this process, she will be interviewing candidates from people working in the geothermal field to select those who can participate in the Gro Unesco program ,”he said.

The government official stressed that Nicaragua is a country that went from 25% renewable energy in 2007 to 62% renewable energy in 2019, however, government plans aim to reach more than 90% renewable energy, through the replacement of thermal energy, based on the import of crude oil and bunker at high costs.

“We are going to replace those hydrocarbons that are also polluting and their elimination will allow us to meet Nicaragua’s goals in contributing to the fight against climate change, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our country and also reducing account of how much the import of hydrocarbons costs”,he said.

“We hope to have more geothermal projects in the near future, as part d and the expansion of renewable energy and fellow Nicaraguans have trained in geothermal energy is essential.””

The support of Gro Unesco is a key challenge for the future geothermal energy”, he added.

It is estimated that at first, there will be 2 Nicaraguans selected to travel to Iceland and the number is expected to increase to 3 annually.

Dr.  Paul Oquist  thanked on behalf of Nicaragua for this cooperation project that will allow Nicaraguans to specialize in geothermal matters.

Source: El 19 Digital