(online & free) Virtual Island Summit – Sustainable Dev’t for Island States, 6-10 Oct 2019

(online & free) Virtual Island Summit – Sustainable Dev’t for Island States, 6-10 Oct 2019 Virtual Island Summit - 6-10 October 2019 (promotion flyer)
Alexander Richter 26 Aug 2019

A great online event will tackle the huge topic of Sustainable development in Island States in a new Virtual Island Summit to take place 6-10 October 2019, online and free of charge.

Island nations are in the center of climate change, as they are the most effected by rising water levels, weather patterns, the need for cost-effective and sustainble energy sources etc.

“These island nations, however, have chosen not to sit on the sidelines and lament their fate, they choose to take action. Because climate change is not just an idea but is already a reality to them, they’ve been increasingly banding together to innovate, to strategize, and to identify and implement solutions. The latest example of this take charge mentality comes in the form of the upcoming Virtual Island Summit, so a great article in Chester Energy and Policy highlights key

“Recognizing the reality that each of these island nations are, in fact, smaller and less likely to affect the change needed on their own, this Virtual Island Summit showcases how they can start to move the needle when they band together. Taking place from October 6 to October 10 2019, this summit will bring together climate and clean energy experts from around the world to share, discuss, and learn about sustainable practices specific to island communities. Some of the high-profile thought leaders who will serve as speakers include Australian Senator Christine Milne, world-renowned academic is Island Studies Godfrey Galdacchino, and leader of the Orkney Islands Council James Stockan. Beyond that, the over 5,000 attendees will come from island nations stretching across the globe, from Fiji to Jamaica, Greenland to Madagascar, Mauiritius to Taiwan, and many more.”

For the full article and the event website, see link below.

Source: Chester Energy and Policy

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