Opinion piece on geothermal stock

Opinion piece on geothermal stock source: - lusi
Francisco Rojas 14 Jul 2014

In an opinion piece in a popular online investing company, John Licata, Chief Energy Strategist writes an opinion pice about the investment potential of geothermal.

Green energy is on the rise and with the expanding concern for the environment, investing in green energy is growing in popularity. Traditionally, solar and wind-power have been the targets of most of the investment but, as pointed out in an recent opinion piece, they have the trouble of bgeothermal has it’s own appeal.

In this same article, the writer mentions a series of companies that are noteworthy of following and to be taken into consideration when investing:
“Ormat is trying to sell up to a 49% stake in a few of its U.S. power plants, so any action on that front would further reduce overall operating costs. With so much positive momentum in the geothermal space, I’m thinking Ormat, which has a ton of geothermal intellectual property and proven low water usage at power plants, is looking to leverage its 30-year experience in the space and be more of an equipment and service provider to its customers.
More speculative plays include U.S. Geothermal, which will hold its annual meeting on July 14 in Idaho, Alterra Power, a company that could announce a new credit facility in Q314, and Ram Power, a name that recently released less than favorable results for its San Jacinto-Tizate Power Plan.”

The same author mentions that investors can benefit from existing tax loopholes in the US by investing in green tech companies.

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Source: The Motley Fool Website