PannErgy successfully deploys third well at geothermal heating plant in Györ, Hungary

PannErgy successfully deploys third well at geothermal heating plant in Györ, Hungary Györ geothermal district heating plant, Hungary (source: PannErgy)
Alexander Richter 31 Oct 2018

Hungarian geothermal firm PannErgy successfully deploys third well for its geothermal heating plant in Györ, Hungary.

Hungarian geothermal company PannErgy Plc has announced the successful deployment of its third well for the Györ geothermal heating project.

After the successful deepening operation on the BON-PE-03 well that PannErgy Concession Ltd implemented in the framework of a concession-based investment, the well pump has been installed at a depth of 830 meters with the connection of the well to the geothermal system of Györ also completed. Unmatched in Hungary, the system constructed with three production wells has yielded the first test results under continuous live operating conditions for the pump-assisted BON-PE-03 well and the other two free-flowing wells.

The results indicate that in terms of energy volume equivalent the system approximates the earlier targeted 1100 m3/hour increase in the combined thermal water extraction capacity by featuring a maximum yield of only 1065 m3/h, while the temperature measured on the secondary line (towards AUDI and Györ-Szol) is approximately higher by 1 (one) Celsius degrees, (difference between the average inlet and outlet temperature

(?T) that is directly proportional to the volume of energy, and is therefore higher by 2.1%), and therefore the green heat volume that can be delivered is at 98,9% of the expected level. The capacity of the BON-PE-03 production well with pump-assisted extraction reaches 765 m3/h. Based on the evaluation of the results – as depending on the prevailing weather conditions – the expanded system is foreseen to be capable of delivering 840-850 TJ green heat annually in the current consumer structure, with the supply of less than expected electric power.

Source: PannErgy