Pictures from visit to the Makban geothermal power plant, Philippines

Makban geothermal power plant, Philippines (source: ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 2 Apr 2014

At a recent visit to the Makban geothermal plant in the Philippines, we were able to take lots of pictures that you might find useful.

As part of the recently held IGA Board Meeting in Manila, Philippines, we had the chance to visit the Makban geothermal power plant of Aboitiz Power near Manila.

The visit gave a great chance to take pictures and experience the role geothermal plays in the Philippines. Initially built in the wilderness, the area now is home to various municipalities around the facilities.

This provides for some interesting pictures, with houses using the pipes of the field both as architectural structure, as well as way to dry e.g. coconuts.

You can find all pictures on ThinkGeoEnergy’s Flickr account. All pictures are provided under a creative commons license and are free to use.