Pictures: Fuji Electric turbines being set up at Theistareykir geothermal plant

Installation of Fuji Electric turbine at the new Theistareykir geothermal plant, Iceland (source: Hreinn Hjartarson)
Alexander Richter 16 Jun 2017

A fantastic series of pictures of the installation of the Fuji Electric generator and turbine set-up for Unit 2 at the new Theistareykir geothermal power plant has been shared. Have a look.

In a fantastic series of pictures, the arrival of the generator and turbine units for the second unit in the power plant hall of the new Theistareykir geothermal power plant in the North of Iceland has been documented. When ready the plant will add 90 MW of power generation capacity in Iceland. Unit 1 and 2 both will have a 45 MW turbine installed. More details about the project via the Project Website of the developer Landsvirkjun.

We thank Hreinn Hjartarson for allowing us to share the pictures.




More pictures via his Facebook page:

And a video: