Planning permission granted for major geothermally heated biodome complex in Reykjavik, Iceland

Planned biodome project in Reykjavik, Iceland (source: WilkinsonEyre)
Alexander Richter 24 Jul 2019

A new major Biodome will be built in Reykjavik Iceland incorporating a nature and tropical dome, showcasing exotic plants from other environments, a farm lab, educational environment on local food production and more.

International architectural firm WilkinsonEyre announces that planning permission has been granted for a major biodome complex in the Reykjavik region designed by WilkinsonEyre, working alongside a talented local design team.

The Aldin Biodomes consist of a Main Nature Dome & Tropical Dome, showcasing exotic plants from other environments, and the Farm Lab, an educational environment on local food production. Alongside a rich tropical environment, the Main Nature Dome incorporates a multi-functional space and information area, specialty restaurant, visitors’ shop and marketplace for Icelandic products. Designed to be an exemplar in sustainability, the domes will be heated using the region’s abundant geothermal energy.

Situated on the edge of the outdoor recreational area Ellidaárdalur, the project will provide a new gateway to the largest green area close to the Icelandic capital. Located on a hilly ridge, the development will be an elegant addition to the city skyline, as well as offering dramatic views to the Ellidaa?rdalur Valley and the city of Reykjavik. The project’s north-west orientation will guarantee views of Iceland’s midnight sunsets during the long summer days and the Northern Lights during the dark winters. It will provide local people and visitors with a year-round tropical oasis and gathering point, helping to boost wellbeing during the region’s dark winter months.

Source: WilkinsonEyre, with further details via Inhabitat