Podcast – Alberta’s Opportunity in Geothermal, The Energy Revolution

Podcast – Alberta’s Opportunity in Geothermal, The Energy Revolution Gathering at Eavor Technologies project site in Alberta, Canada 2019 (source: Eavor)
Alexander Richter 6 Sep 2021

Learn more on geothermal energy, the growth and barriers, status of technologies and the opportunties for the Province of Alberta, Canada in this podcast interview with John Redfern of Eavor Technologies.

In an interesting podcast as part of “The Energy Evolution” podcast series, John Redfern, President and CEO of  Eavor Technologies, an Alberta-based geothermal company shares his insights into the “renaissance of geothermal” worldwide and in Canada.

The Energy Evolution – is a limited series podcast series, exploring the technologies, future fuels, collaborations, and more that are at the core of today’s energy evolution and how Alberta can lead the charge to a low-carbon world. See more episodes.

Here the episode with John of Eavor Technologies:

Recent advances in technologies and general innovation, geothermal clearly has entered the scene receiving more attention.

You’ll hear a little bit about the historical slow growth of the industry to date, why there is renewed support of this energy source, and how new technologies, like Eavor’s EavorLoop, are making huge advances in scaling and economically providing a new energy source to our energy mix and driving down emissions.

In this episode:

  • Uses for geothermal
  • Growth of geothermal (and the barriers)
  • State of the technology today
  • Geothermal use in Alberta
  • Potential of geothermal in North America
  • Inside the EavorLoop and its potential in Alberta
  • Alberta, 10 years from now

Source: Business Council of Alberta