Podcast on the important role of financing in renewable/ geothermal development

Baseload Capital Company website (snapshot)
Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2018

In this podcast by HeatPower/ The Energy Forecast, Alexander Helling of Baseload Capital in Sweden describes how his company is financing heat power projects, having recently made news on geothermal projects in Iceland and Japan.

An interesting podcast published by our good friends at provides some interesting insights on the biggest challenges for switching to renewables.

Highlighted as a not necessarily technological issue, but a financing issue, HeatPower’s Cecilia Edling Östman talks to Alexander Helling, Chief Investment Officer at Baseload Capital on the “How financing plays a big role in going from brown to green.” We previously reported about the company.

In the interview he talks about why it is such a challenge, and how his company is making it possible to overcome that challenge by enabling municipalities, entrepreneurs and electric companies to finance heat power projects. Partly owned by Swedish technology provider Climeon, Baseload Capital has made the news recently with two rather interesting geothermal power projects in Iceland and Japan. The company though also is involved in projects in Germany and the U.S. In Japan the company not only finances the power plant component of the project, but also – in the case of the Japanese project – becomes part of the equity owners of the project.

Source: HeatPower & The Energy Forecast via PodBean