Poland offers funding for geothermal and other new energy technologies

Poland offers funding for geothermal and other new energy technologies Gniezno, Poland (source: flickr/ János Korom, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 23 Mar 2022

Poland's National Centre for Research and Development will be hosting a competition that will offer funding for geothermal energy research projects.

The National Center for Research and Development of Poland has announced a competition that will grant up to PLN 390 million (USD 91.2 million) to projects that involve “New technologies in the field of energy.” The call for applications will start on April 1, 2022. The funding will be allocated as follows:

  • PLN 125.9 million for solar energy
  • PLN 125.9 for energy use of waste and heat from post-process gases
  • PLN 141.2 million for geothermal energy

This is the second competition under the Strategic Program of Scientific Research and Development. This program supports Poland’s goal of achieving climate neutrality, energy independence, and strengthening of the domestic economy.

The program has specific objectives that should be the focus of projects chosen for the competition. These objectives include the reduction of emissions from the energy sector, increase of the use of biodegradable materials and waste products, development of the potential of renewable energy, and development of intelligent network infrastructure.

All applications must be submitted via the NCBR website using the LSI system. The competition is open to industrial and scientific consortia that consist of a maximum of three entities, including at least one enterprise and at least one research unit. Interested entities will be invited to an online information meeting that will be held on April 28.

More information on the program and competition can be accessed in the NCBR website.

Source: Gramwzielone