Policy Fellowships available at DOE Geothermal Technologies Office

DOE GTP History of geothermal R&D in the U.S. 1976-2006, volume 1
Alexander Richter 3 Feb 2014

The Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office is seeking Science and Technolgy Policy Fellows for a Fellowship program.

The Department of Energy’s EERE Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellowships will serve as the next step in the educational and professional development of leaders in energy efficiency and renewable energy, providing an opportunity for scientists and engineers with relevant energy technology experience to participate in research, development, demonstration, (RD&D) and analysis projects at DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO), in Washington, D.C.

GTO’s mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of clean, domestic geothermal power that will promote a stronger, more productive economy; support a cleaner environment; and improve energy security. The Office is currently pursuing pathfinding science and engineering initiatives such as an enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) research observatory to accelerate EGS, a first-of-its-kind play fairway analysis effort to identify potential geothermal prospects, extraction of strategic materials from geothermal brines to grow U.S. supply chains and increase geothermal revenue streams, DOE-wide subsurface engineering technology collaboration, and others.

The EERE STP Fellows will apply the expertise gained from advanced degrees and history of conducting research to new and ongoing GTO initiatives. As a result of their participation in the program, Fellows are expected to:

  • Gain deep insight into the federal government’s role in the creation and implementation of policies that will affect energy technology development.
  • Contribute to the implementation of energy policies by applying their scientific and technical expertise to the development of solutions for problems in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Continue their education and involvement in areas that support the EERE mission either in a technical or policy-related role.
  • Introduce policy-related knowledge and interest into research facilities supporting the EERE mission.

Three levels of Fellowships, Fellows, Senior Fellows and Junior Fellows, will allow both recent graduates and experienced scientists and engineers to participate in the EERE STP Fellowships. Fellows will be assigned to policy-related projects and be mentored by senior EERE staff.

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