Polish Geological Institute sees good geothermal opportunities in Wielun, Poland

Polish Geological Institute sees good geothermal opportunities in Wielun, Poland City of Wielun, Poland (source: Morgre, CC BY-SA 3.0 - Wikimedia)
Alexander Richter 10 Aug 2020

In a recent study by the Polish Geological Society, good opportunities for the use of geothermal waters for heating are described for the city of Wielun in Central Poland.

The thermal waters near Wielun, a city central Poland located between Wroclaw and Lodz are potentially suitable for heating, recreational and even therapeutic purposes – according to a new study by the Polish Geological Institute, commissioned by the city hall.

Based on the experience from the already existing national facilities and on archival data, the most promising directions for the use of groundwater classified as minerals in the Wielu? region should be heating with a complementary recreational and balneotherapeutic direction – conclude experts of the institute.

In their opinion, the most promising waters are located at a depth of 1,200-1,400 meters in the Lower Triassic formations. The temperature of the waters here probably reaches 45-50 degrees Celsius. The greatest risk is related to the efficiency of the deposits, which determines the success of the possible construction of a geothermal heating plant. It is probably 50-60 cubic meters per hour, which is on the verge of the minimum demand.

Achieving a capacity of 50 m3 / h may limit the use of thermal waters only to recreation – emphasize the authors of the study. It was prepared mainly with the use of the results of geological surveys carried out many years ago in deep exploration boreholes near Wielu?.

The study, over 100 pages long, is one of the required attachments to the application for external funds for drilling the well, which will allow to precisely determine the geothermal potential of the city. It is possible to finance costly geological works entirely from the state budget.

– In addition to the study, we have already received a geological works plan from the Polish Geological Institute, in which drilling parameters have been specified in detail. Based on this document, a cost estimate will be prepared – says Michal Janik, head of the real estate and spatial planning department of the Municipal Office in Wielu?.

There are currently nine geothermal heating plants in Poland, including six municipal ones. The possible construction of such a facility in Wielu? could also be financed from the state budget. This is achieved by the Polska Geotermia Plus program.

If, after drilling the test drilling, the groundwater capacity proves to be too low for the heating plant, supplying it to the recreational complex will be considered.There are 19 facilities with thermal pools in the country, the closest in Uniejów, 100 km away, where thermal waters are also used for therapeutic treatments (balneotherapy). Chloride waters with significant iodide content are probably present in the Wielu? region, and such waters are successfully used in health resorts. The question is whether Wielu? has a chance to compete with Uniejów? In the opinion of PGI, “it should be recognized that the investment goal of building a recreational and balneotherapeutic complex in Wielu? is justified, and at the same time is burdened with a significant investment risk”.

The commune will pay a total of PLN 45,000 for the studies prepared by PGI. zl. However, this is not all that is needed to submit a grant application. Further documents are in preparation, including the Low-Emission Economy Plan, which is accompanied by controversy. In the opinion of councilors, actions in this matter are too slow.

Source: Wielun naszemiasto