Private company secures three geothermal concessions in Uganda

Private company secures three geothermal concessions in Uganda Kasese, Kaberole, Uganda (source: CleanSource Energy Partners)
Alexander Richter 19 Mar 2013

Private developer CleanSource Energy Partners has secured three geothermal exploration concessions in Uganda and signed an MOU for the sale of power from those areas.

In a news piece on its website, CleanSource Energy Partners announces it has secured three geothermal concessions in Uganda with a area covering nearly 400 square kilometers in total.

The company sees this as a first step for exploration and hopefully development of geothermal resources in the country.

The company has secured the services of Bowman Consulting an is working closely with the office of Uganda Geology & Mines in starting off an initial review of existing data and analysis of the concession areas.

It is now planned that a more intensive study of the area’s geothermal potential is worked on within the next six to seven months.

The company is also exploring solar as a possible additional resource. CleanSource Energy Partners has signed an MOU with the Ministry of Energy on the purchase of power from power produced at each of the three concession areas.

There is strong local support by tribal chiefs and country heads of government and good relationships have been formed.

The company was founded in early 2012 and has since secured a number of early stage projects with a – seemingly – focused approach on Eastern Africa.

Source: Company news