Purifying steam of geothermal operations at Larderello being tested Enel Green Power

Affluent pollutant abatement system (source: Consorzio Polo Tecnologico Magona)
Alexander Richter 7 Oct 2019

A new pilot plant will be testing steam purification of geothermal steam at the Larderello geothermal fields in Tuscany, Italy. The plant has been developed by a regional technological research consortium in collaboration with Enel Green Power.

As reported by Il Tirreno in Cecina, Tuscany, Enel Green Power will be testing a new innovative purification plant for the geothermal fields of the company at Larderello.

The plant was developed by Magona Technological Pole Consortium (CPTM) founded in 1997, as part of a recovery operation for the industrial area of ??Magona di Cecina (LI) for the construction of an excellent research center. The buildings and the scientific instruments have been made available by the municipalities of Cecina and Rosignano Marittimo, the Province of Livorno and the University of Pisa. Eight private companies have joined the Consortium since the foundation together with these institutions. The number of the consortium members has grown over the years, hand in hand with the development of CPTM, with now up to twenty private companies alongside the four public founders.

The pilot plant works “dry” with limestone remnants built on a 1/10 scale. Testing will start in mid-October in the steam fields of Larderello in the municipality of Monteverdi Marittimo. The pilot plant can treat a gas flow rate of 1000 Nm 3 / h, heated  up to a temperature of 200 ° C by means of 2 filling columns and a bag filter.

Source: Polo Magona, il Tirreno Cecina