Ram Power sees changes to Board of Directors

Ram Power sees changes to Board of Directors Snapshot of Ram Power's website with project overview
Alexander Richter 28 Apr 2010

Ram Power Corp. announces changes to Board of Director, with the departure of Robert R. Gilmore and Dr. Mario Arana as replacement.

In a release, “Ram Power, Corp. announced that Mr. Robert R. Gilmore is stepping down from Ram Power’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. He is replaced by Dr. Mario Arana who previously served as Honorary Member of the Board for Ram Power.

“We would like to thank Mr. Gilmore for his service and dedication to Ram Power,” said Hezy Ram, CEO of Ram Power. “The Company has benefitted from his business insights and professional expertise.”

Antony Mitchell, Executive Chairman for Ram Power stated, “We are delighted to have Dr. Arana as a full board member. Mario’s experience as President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua as well as with other international dealings has been instrumental in furthering our strategic initiatives in Central America.”

Source: release via Marketwatch