SPX Heat Transfer to supply direct contact condensers for Olkaria IV project

SPX Heat Transfer to supply direct contact condensers for Olkaria IV project KenGen Olkaria II plant, Kenya (source:
Alexander Richter 16 Feb 2012

SPX Heat Transfer won a contract to provide four advanced direct contact condensors to the 280 MW Olkaria IV project in Kenya. The contract was awarded by Hyundai Engineering and will serve four Toshiba 70 MW steam turbines.

Reported today, “SPX Corporation today announced that SPX Heat Transfer Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply four advanced direct contact condensers (ADCC’s) to what will eventually be the largest geothermal power plant ever constructed in Kenya.

SPX’s ADCC’s will serve four Toshiba 70 MW steam turbines at the new plant being constructed in the Rift Valley of Kenya, 100 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. SPX Heat Transfer was selected to provide the condensers by Hyundai Engineering, the full turnkey contractor for Kenya Electricity Generating Co.’s Olkaria I and IV geothermal plants. The two plants are expected to be completed by April 2014.

Designed mainly for geothermal power plants, SPX’s ADCC technology provides enhanced performance characteristics, including low liquid/vapor side pressure drop, high thermal efficiency, minimal degradation by non-condensibles, low susceptibility to fouling and or/corrosion, and prediction of absorption of non-condensibles.

“The advanced direct contact technology used within our condensers has gained significant momentum worldwide due to the technical advantages it provides,” explained Drew Ladau, SPX segment president. “SPX continues to be a pioneer in developing technologies that make sense in today’s environment,” Ladau added. “As demand for electricity in East Africa’s largest economy grows, Kenya anticipates that geothermal power will generate approximately 30 percent of power by 2031, a goal we believe can be attained by utilizing ADCC technology.”

Source: Company release via Marketwatch