St. Gallen/ Switzerland aims to use geothermal potential

Alexander Richter 13 May 2009

Further seismic studies are expected to provide clarification of a potential geothermal project in St. Gallen Switzerland. The development is lead by Swiss company Geowatt AG.

As reported before there are some efforts in Switzerland to evaluate the utilization of geothermal energy for electricity generation and district heating. Recently there were some news on the potential project in St. Gallen in the North of Switzerland.

Broad seismic studies are planned for December 2009 to evaluate the possibility of a geothermal plant for St. Gallen. Based on the ideal geological conditions, experts of Geowatt AG in Zuerich expect around 150 centigrade hot water in a depth of 4,710 meters.

With this potential it is expected that a plant could provide a 30 MW thermal for heating purposes and aroudn 3-5 MW electric for the city. For this the city district heating grid would have to be extended. Debt financing of around CHF 150 million (US$ 135 million) is supposed to cover the development, including the extension of the district heating system, and is expected to decided on next year.

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Source: Tiefe Geothermie (in German)