Statistics on our weekly newsletter – overview of global geothermal news

ThinkGeoEnergy Newsletter
Alexander Richter 2 Oct 2018

With more than 4,300 subscribers, the Geothermal Newsletter by ThinkGeoEnergy is the most widely read overview on global geothermal energy news sent out weekly. With our sister publications we actually reach about 7,000 subscribers across the globe.

For now more than 8 years, ThinkGeoEnergy has shared a weekly overview of the news posted on the website with subscribers.

With now more than 4,300 subscribers, it is the widest read newsletter read by the global geothermal energy sector.

Here a few statistical highlights:

  • Top countries: United States, Kenya, Indonesia, UK, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, and Iceland
  • Top regions: Europe & Middle East, North America, Asia & Pacific, Africa, South American, Central America & Caribbean


Here links to the past newsletters dating back to May this year.

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