Stillwater Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Plant one of the top plants 2012

Stillwater geothermal power plant by Enel (source: Atlas Copco)
Alexander Richter 18 Dec 2012

In its annual awards for the top plants, Power Magazine names the Stillwater Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Plant of Enel Green Power in Churchill County, Nevada as an example of the increasing trend of pairing technologies for renewable energy power generation.

In the December issue of Power magazine, the Enel Stillwater Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Plant in Churchill C0unty, Nevada, has been awarded as one of the “noteworthy renewable power plants worldwide”.

It is considered one of the Top Plants of this year. In its note on the plant it says: “Pairing generation technologies has become a trend, but this is the first facility to partner geothermal with solar power. The combination enhances thermal efficiency, stabilizes production, and reduces investment risk.”

Source: Power Magazine press release