Successful 9th GeoTHERM expo in Offenburg this month

ThinkGeoEnergy, Picture from the GeoTHERM expo in Offenburg, Germany taken March 5, 2015
Francisco Rojas 18 Mar 2015

ThinkGeoEnergy attended the 9th GeoTHERM expo in Offenburg, Germany earlier this month and the European Geothermal Innovation Award ceremony.

As the leading news source for geothermal news and events, ThinkGeoEnergy had the pleasure of attending the GeoTHERM expo in Offenburg this month. Europe’s largest geothermal market place has its home at GeoTHERM in Offenburg. The international trade fair with congress took place on 5th and 6th March 2015 on the Exhibition Center Offenburg and has underlined his high quality course. 190 exhibitors and 3.562 visitors from 41 nations benefited from the combination of trade fair and congress. Numerous geothermal events, workshops and association activities before and during GeoTHERM enlightened the position of the event in Europe. The host country Iceland enriched the congress with a presentation of the progressive usage of geothermal heat on the island. Prof. PhD Gudni A. Jóhannesson from the National Energy Authority of Iceland Orkustofnun observes the growing activity of German energy projects. He summarizes the political line of his country: “Everything that supports this technology is good to stop the climate change.”

Designed as an opportunity for industry peers to acknowledge innovation, and for the most exciting ideas to be widely publicised, the European Geothermal Innovation Award is the seal of excellence applied to the most intelligent and important ideas in research and industry which will play a key role in the future development of geothermal energy. Nominations for the award are assessed on grounds of originality, innovation, reliability, reduction of emissions, and improvements in energy output. Mijnwater was announced as the winner for 2015.

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Source: GeoTHERM Final Report