Successful two years of production of closed-loop pilot

Successful two years of production of closed-loop pilot Eavor, company website (snapshot)
Carlo Cariaga 6 Dec 2021

Eavor Technologies celebrates the two-year anniversary of the Eavor-Lite closed-loop geothermal demonstration facility in Alberta, Canada

On December 4th 2021, Eavor Technologies Inc. celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Derek Riddle Eavor-Lite Demonstration Facility for closed-loop geothermal energy. Since its inception, Eavor-Lite has produced over 11,250 MWh of energy – enough to heat 450 Canadian homes for a year.

The Eavor-Lite facility is located near Rocky House Mountain in Alberta, Canada. It is a closed-loop system consisting of two vertical wells that are joined at 2.4-km. depth of the subsurface by two multilateral wellbores. At the surface, they are also connected by a pipeline. The system is filled with what is essentially potable water that circulates naturally without the need for pumping.

The pilot facility of Eavor-Lite has successfully proven all three of its objectives:

  • To drill and intersect a multi-lateral Eavor-Loop with two lateral wellbores from each vertical well and confirm the intersection
  • To seal lateral openhole wellbores using the proprietary Rock-Pipe completion technology, maintain a circulation rate with negligible leak rate, and maintain low solids production
  • To validate the thermodynamic performance of the system and demonstrate the thermosiphon effect that will create natural circulation

Eavor also invites everyone to take a virtual reality tour of the Eavor-Lite facility through this link. There is also an app option to do the virtual tour for those who own an Oculus Quest 2 headset.

Source: Eavor Technologies