Summer break – ThinkGeoEnergy taking off, back July 27, 2021

Summer break – ThinkGeoEnergy taking off, back July 27, 2021 Myvatn Nature Baths, Northern Iceland (source: Myvatn Nature Baths)
Alexander Richter 6 Jul 2021

Recharging our batteries, ThinkGeoEnergy is taking a summer break. You will find us recharged and energized back after 27, 2020.

As every year, we are taking a short 3-week break during the European summer period. During this period you will not find any new news here on the site. We aim to be back with news reporting after July 27, 2021 with the next newsletter to then arrive back in your inboxes on August 4, 2021.

Traditionally it has been difficult to source news during the summer. So while things are slowly getting back to normal at least here in Iceland, we still see a slower news cycle during the summer period in the Northern hemisphere.  With recent developments, we are going with full hope for some in-person geothermal events this fall, last but not least the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 here in Reykjavik, Iceland.

So we hope to see you here October 24-27, 2021. But also don’t forget to tune in into the last day of the Virtual Event Series of WGC2020+1 now July 6, 2021.

For now, I wish you all a pleasant summer and make sure to drop us any news you would like to be covered by us. Will be though trying to use the time for some “geothermal” photos from Iceland, so check things out on our Instagram account.

Alexander Richter, Founder & Editor ThinkGeoEnergy