Survey: Best Strategy for successful geothermal project development

Ngatamariki plant in construction, November 2012, New Zealand (source: Mighty River Power)
Alexander Richter 22 Aug 2017

As part of his research in the Master of Energy programme at the University of Auckland, Joseph Tupe is looking for your help and participation in his survey on Identifying what are critical success factors for geothermal development.

As part of his research in the Master of Energy programme at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Joseph Tupe is looking for help on a survey he is conducting.

The survey aims to Identifying the Best Strategy in Managing Projects for Geothermal Development.

Participate in the survey by clicking this link: Critical Success Factors for Geothermal Development Projects

This research study is focused on the identification of the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for successful project execution in Geothermal Development. Critical Success Factors are the key parameters that have a significant impact on the result of the project. The project manager, together with the performing organization, must accomplish activities associated with the Critical Success Factors at the highest possible level in order to achieve the intended project objective and deliver satisfaction to all stakeholders.

The objective of this survey is to conduct an empirical study from the perspective of Project Managers and other related stakeholders. The first part of the survey is focused on gathering information related to Geothermal Project/s you’ve handled and will be the basis of the assessment. The second half is dedicated to the identification of TOP 5 CSF for each phase of Geothermal Development – for this part, a selection of CSF from academic literature on Project Management and Geothermal Development is provided to the user.

The results of this study will help in formulating the best strategy in managing projects for Geothermal Development using the Critical Success Factor Approach. As such, the analysis will be shared with the Geothermal community in the hope of supporting the success of future projects.

This seems to be an interesting survey with likely interesting results, so please participate by clicking here.