The hottest successful geothermal well drilled in the South of Germany

Drilling rig on site in Holzkirchen, Bavaria, Germany (source: Holzkirchen project)
Alexander Richter 24 Mar 2017

Production tests of a recently finished well of the geothermal project in Holzkirchen in Bavaria, Germany show great results with the hottest successful geothermal well drilled in the South of Germany with a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

Holzkirchen, one of the most southern geothermal projects in the Bavarian Molasse Basin reports successful results from its production tests.

During the production tests of the last few days a temperature of 150 °C was reached at a continuous pumping rate of 50 litres per second. These first results reflect the highest temperature of a successful low enthalpy geothermal project in southern Germany.

The well was finished about two weeks ago in a depth of about 5,000 meters and with a length of about 6,100 meters. The local utility wants to produce electricity and heat for the community of Holzkirchen.

Futher projects in the South of Bavaria, more or less in the same latitude as Holzkirchen are on their way. In Weilheim, a project in cooperation with Enel, the first well is in the drilling phase. The Geretsried project, with the hottest temperature of 160 °C so far, starts drilling the side track in the next weeks, as in the first attempt no water was found.

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Source: TiefeGeothermie via LinkedIn