The private financing of the Sarulla geothermal project in Indonesia

The private financing of the Sarulla geothermal project in Indonesia Stakeholder Map for the Sarulla geothermal project, Indonesia (source: CPI)
Alexander Richter 22 Mar 2017

Published in June 2015, the Climate Policy Initiative published a great overview report on the private financing of the Sarulla Geothermal Project in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The first 110 MW of the project have now come online.

In light of today’s announcement of the start of the first 110 MW unit of the Sarulla geothermal power plant in North Sumatra, I thought it timely to share a great document published by the Climate Policy Initiative.

The case study “analyzes the Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant (GPP) which [after the following units will be installed], will be the largest single contract geothermal power plant project in the world with a total capacity of 330MW in 2018. ” The first 110 MW have now started commercial operation. “The project has the highest private sector involvement of any geothermal project on a previously undeveloped field in Indonesia, thanks to substantial public support in the form of financing, guarantees and a feed-in tariff. This case study is part of a series of analysis carried out by Climate Policy Initiative on behalf of the Climate Investment Funds. The overall objective of the analysis is to help policymakers and donors understand which financing and policy support tools can help accelerate geothermal deployment effectively and efficiently.”

The report in English (pdf)

The report in Indonesian (pdf)

Source: CPI