Transmark Turkey converts 5 exploration into operational licenses

Transmark Turkey converts 5 exploration into operational licenses Drilling operation at Sandal, Turkey (source: Transmark Renewables)
Alexander Richter 15 Feb 2013

Transmark Turkey, formerly Sonsuzluk, announces having successfully converted 5 geothermal exploration licenses into operational licenses after successful exploration drilling campaigns. for its proejcts in Sandal, Kizilyer, Derekoy, Kestanbol and Gulpinar.

Reported by Transmark Turkey, formerly known as Sonsuzluk, the company “has been recently converting 5 geothermal exploration licenses into operational licenses. The converted licenses are located in Sandal, Kizilyer and Derekoy (all in the Manisa – Kula area) and Kestanbol and Gulpinar (both in the Canakkale area).

After an extensive exploration drilling campaign, covering wells upto 1150 meters, all areas have shown strong geothermal potential. Transmark Turkey is aiming to utilize this potential for power production and potentially direct usage projects. Currently, further testing and interpretation is being done by the in-house team of Transmark in order to determine the location for the next phase; drilling production wells.

Positioned on the “ring of fire”, Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for the utilization of geothermal energy worldwide. Currently, Turkey is still a net energy importer and the demand is expected to increase over the coming years. The Turkish government has earmarked geothermal energy as one of the key components in order to support this growing domestic energy need. Transmark Turkey has a dedicated strategy to become a leading player in the Turkish geothermal market.”

Source: Transmark Renewables