Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project, Canada proceeds to next phase

Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project, Canada proceeds to next phase Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal logo (source: YouTube screenshot, Fort Nelson First Nation channel)
Carlo Cariaga 9 Nov 2022

A power generation facility will be designed and built after confirming the sustainability of the Tu Deh-Kah geothermal resources in BC, Canada.

The Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project at British Columbia, Canada has surpassed a critical milestone with the completion of well tests that we first reported on back in June 2022. With this development, the project team is proceeding with the final project design and permit application for a power generation facility. Construction work is expected to begin by 2024 with a target operations date by 2026.

“The geothermal resource in the Clarke Lake Field will sustain temperatures of nearly 120 degrees Celsius and that the porosity of the flooded reservoir will sustain the extraction and re-injection of commercially viable volumes of geothermal brine,” according to a statement by Deh Tai Corporation, the economic development corporation of Fort Nelson First Nation. Deh Tai also confirmed that the chemistry of the geothermal fluids is appropriate for development.

Drilling of two wells for the Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project was completed in 2021. The project aims to develop a power plant with a capacity of 7 MWe with possibility of expansion to 15 MWe. The Government of Canada has invested CAD 40.5 million in the project.

Source: Energetic City