Turboden secures contract for geothermal plant in Germany

Turboden secures contract for geothermal plant in Germany Turboden geothermal plant (source: Turboden)
Alexander Richter 24 May 2022

German developer Deutsche Erdwärme has awarded a contract for the supply of an ORC geothermal plant to Italian ORC supplier Turboden.

German geothermal developer Deutsche Erdwärme has awarded the contract for the construction of the geothermal power plant planned in Graben-Neudorf to one of the leading manufacturers of Organic Rankine Cycle plant technolgy Turboden.

The modern ORC system should enable Deutsche Erdwärme to efficiently use the geothermal potential at the Graben-Neudorf site and to adapt the electricity and heat production to the municipal energy transition as needed. Thanks to the innovative design, the system can be operated quietly and in a correspondingly resident-friendly manner.

If the assumptions made by Deutsche Erdwärme regarding the yield of the thermal water reservoir are confirmed, the state-of-the-art system should have an output of up to eight megawatts. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it can be connected to a heating network at any time.

“We selected Turboden as technology supplier and general contractor for the power plant construction in Graben-Neudorf after a thorough and competitive tendering process,” says Herbert Pohl, founder and managing director of Deutsche Erdwärme. “Following the recent start of drilling, we have now created all the important prerequisites for the complete realization of our project in Graben-Neudorf by awarding the above-ground work.”

Source: BNN