Turcas Petrol invests $65m in Kuyucak, Aydin, Turkey

Turcas Petrol invests $65m in Kuyucak, Aydin, Turkey Sunset at Aydinlik beach - Ayd?n, Turkey (Soruce: Flickr, CC, By: piet theisohn)
Francisco Rojas 27 Jul 2015

The Turkish oil company looks to diversify energy generation in the country and targets geothermal development in the Aydin region.

In a brief comment from Turcas Petrol CEO Batu Aksoy, he stated that his company will be committing more resources for geothermal development in Turkey.

According to the Daily Sabah, Mr Aksoy stated that:”We had said that we will use our resources in projects that will provide value for our shareholders and will allow us to diversify our electricity generation portfolio. In the first phase of this strategy, we plan an investment worth $65 million in a geothermal power plant project that we are conducting in Kuyucak, Aydin.”

July last year the company said that they were planning a 13MW plant in the same region but since there are no further details, we cannot say for sure if it is the same project.

Source: Daily Sabah