Turkana geothermal project in Kenya secures $1m grant from African Union

Turkana geothermal project in Kenya secures $1m grant from African Union Lake Turkana, Kenya (source: flickr/ Wayne Feiden, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 9 Nov 2017

The Turkana geothermal project by Olsuswa Energy in Kenya, has secured a $1 million grant from the African Union Commission to be used for surface studies and some infrastructure work.

As reported today from Kenya, Olsuswa Energy has received a grant totalling $980,000 (about Sh101.5 million) from the African Union Commission (AUC), towards the development of its Turkana geothermal power plant.

Mr Manga, the Olsuswa Energy director and the chairman of Mayfox Mining—currently prospecting for gold and other precious metals in Turkana—said in a statement the funds will go towards co-funding the development of the 140MW geothermal project. The first phase was planned to start operation in 2022.

Olsuswa Energy is planning with five to eight years of development until the plant can feed electricity into the grid. With a first phase development planned at 70 MW.

The grant given by the African Union Commission, through its Department of Infrastructure and Energy was signed by both parties this week.

The funds will be used to conduct a surface study and infrastructure upgrade programme at the Barrier volcanic complex located in Turkana County.

Initially the company had planned exploration work for early this year and drilling to start this year, but this is rather unlikely. It is further unclear, so Business Daily, if permit issues with the local government have been resolved.

Source: Business Daily