Turkish company awarded exploration rights to Tandikat geothermal area, Indonesia

Turkish company awarded exploration rights to Tandikat geothermal area, Indonesia Meeting between PT Hitay Balai Kaba Energy and Tanah Datar Regent Eka Putra (source: InfoPublik)
Carlo Cariaga 2 Nov 2022

PT Hitay Balai Kaba Energy will be carrying out geoscientific surveys, exploration drilling for the Gunung Tandikat geothermal area in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Turkish company PT Hitay Balai Kaba Energy (PT Hitay) has received the Preliminary Survey and Exploration Assignment (PSPE) dor the Gunung Tandikat geothermal prospect area in West Sumatra, Indonesia. With this, PT Hitay will be conducting detailed geoscience surveys, exploration drilling, feasibility studies, and a topography survey for infrastructure planning. The Gunun Tandikat prospect has a potential of 20 MWe.

PT Hitay Business Development Director Remzi Caner Yilmaz with Senior Earth Scientist Tri Martha Kusuma Putra met with Regent of Tanah Datar Eka Putra to express their gratitude and discuss the company’s plans for the project.

Caner said that PT Hitay received the PSPE in 2019 but their activities had to be suspended because of the pandemic. However, they will be restarting in 2022. The company is also expecting to build 4.5 kilometers of bridges and roads in preparation of drilling, exploration, and other activities.

“We welcome the plan of PT. Hitay which will process geothermal energy in Tanah Datar so that it can become a source of electrical energy, but of course it is requested to be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and rules,” said Regent Eka Putra.

“I ask PT. Hitay to socialize to the community, the benefits of geothermal energy and its impacts, such as whether geothermal activities will affect surface water supplies for community agricultural land,” added Eka, emphasizing the Turkish company’s responsibility to the environment and social acceptance. Caner immediately answered with assurance that their activities will not interfere with the community’s water supply.

According to a prior announcement made by the West Sumatra Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), the geothermal potential of West Sumatra is around 1700 MW.

Source: InfoPublik