U.S. DOE job office to help fossil fuel workers find clean energy jobs

U.S. DOE job office to help fossil fuel workers find clean energy jobs Drilling crew on site at DEEP's geothermal project, Saskatchewan (source: company)
Alexander Richter 13 Mar 2021

A new job office within the U.S. Department of Energy is to support fossil fuel workers find jobs in the clean energy sector, particularly in geothermal energy.

With continued announcements on a clean energy drive in the U.S. following the start of the Biden  Administration,  an interesting move was announced earlier this month.

The U.S. Department of Energy has established a job office  to support oil and natural gas workers find new jobs in emerging industries, such as geothermal power, so  Energy Secretary  Jennifer Granholm.

The Fossil energy office of the DOE  is working closely with the jobs office on strategies. In her  statement she mentions the complimentary skills and experience of oil and gas engineers that could help improve operational efficiencies in geothermal well construction and in reservoir development and management.

Clearly the wider field of geoenergy, that includes underground energy storage, could expand the use of geothermal energy production.

The steps taken by the Biden Administration on scaling back fossil fuel use are seen as critical by the oil and gas sector, yet likely also a sign of the times for the sector globally.

Source: UrduPoint