United Downs geothermal project in the UK finishes drilling of first well

Drilling depth reached for UD-1, April 2019 (source: UDDGP)
Alexander Richter 26 Apr 2019

The United Downs Deep Geothermal Project in Cornwall/ UK has finished the drilling of its first well at a depth of 5,275m with a bottom temperature of 193 centigrades.

The team of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Project announced that it has reached the end of the final bit run and finished the drilling of UD-1, at a total measured depth of 5,275m. That equates to a true vertical depth below ground of 5,057m. With that it is the deepest well drilled in Cornwall.

Over the next few days the team will be running geophysical logs over the open hole interval and then carrying out a short production test, which will give a first indication of how permeable our target structure is. Once that is complete, preparations will start to to move the rig 8m to the south, to begin drilling UD-2.

?Temperature at the bottom of the well is 193 degrees Celsius. 

Source: UDDGP