Utah to provide renewable energy tax incentives

Alexander Richter 7 Mar 2009

The Salt Lake Tribune, reports that Utah legislators are promising renewable tax incentives that would help spur renewable energy development and manufacturing to create jobs in the state.

The local paper, The Salt Lake Tribune, reports that Utah legislators are promising to make “Utah and its abundant potential for wind, solar and geothermal energy more competitive with other states that already make it easy for clean-energy businesses to set up shop.

“Derek Miller, the GOED’s managing director for corporate recruitment said incentives would create josbs in the coming year” and continues  that “the renewable-energy incentives would be like other GOED “post-performance” programs, with tax breaks following production. “We never give out the dime until we get the dollar.”

Projects would be limited to renewable-energy zones identified in a report published on the Utah Geological Survey’s Web site ( While most solar, wind and geothermal zones are in rural areas, Miller said, the urbanized Wasatch Front has great potential for rooftop solar.

Rob Adams — of Beaver County’s economic-development office in southwestern Utah — said officials there support Garn’s bill. The Salt Lake County Chamber and a conventional-energy group also are on board.

“Traditional energy producers support this effort,” said Jeff Hartley of Responsible Energy Developers of Utah.”

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune