Vattenfall splits geothermal license in Netherlands and finds new operators

Geothermal installation of ECW at Oosterlanderweg, Netherlands (source: DAGO)
Alexander Richter 20 Mar 2020

Following through on plans to divest from geothermal exploration, Vattenfall has split the geothermal permit of Nootdorp-East and found two new operators, Wayland Energy and a consortium of Hydreco Geomec, Eneco and Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg.

Reported by Wayland Energy, Vattenfall in the Netherlands has split the geothermal energy exploration permit for the Nootdorp-East area in the Netherlands into two parts. One part has been transferred to Wayland Energy, the other part to a consortium of Hydreco Geomec, Eneco and Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg.

Vattenfall had previously announced that it would withdraw from the search for geothermal energy in two areas, Friesland and South Holland. “We focus on areas where we already have existing heat networks,” said Vattenfall spokesman Robert Portier in an explanation. The area in Friesland, Berlikum 2, was left to the partner DDH Energy.

At the end of February, it was announced that the exploration license for South Holland would be split into two parts, Nootdorp East 2 and Nootdorp East 3. Vattenfall collaborated in the southern area with Wayland Energy, which already operates a geothermal source In Bergschenhoek and several projects in the pipeline. Wayland Energy is now taking over that area from Vattenfall.

“” We want to realize two geothermal wells there, “says director Ewald Pelser of Wayland Energy. One well should supply greenhouse growers, the other both greenhouse growers and residents of Pijnacker. The vision is that an open heat network with multiple sources will eventually emerge. That brings more security for the customers, says Pelser. The project now starts with one source, geothermal energy: “Then you just started.” In the autumn round of the SDE +, a subsidy was applied for, followed by applications for permits, and drilling is expected to start in 2022.

The northern part, Nootdorp-Oost 2, borders the Ypenburg neighborhood in The Hague, where energy company Eneco has a heating network. Together with Hydreco Geomec and Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg (HAL), the Rotterdam energy company north of the former Vattenfall area is already investigating the possibilities of connecting geothermal sources to the grid. It is therefore not surprising that the exploration license for that part is transferred to those parties. Hydreco Geomec will actually carry out the work.

The Nootdorp-East area is split into two parts, 2 and 3 (visible in the middle of the map, amid the purple rectangles). Nootdorp-Oost 2 is located next to Ypenburg, where HAL was already active and Eneco has a heating network. The license for Nootdorp East 3 is now in the hands of Wayland Energy. (Source: NLOG)

Source: Wayland Energy