Virtual Data Room opened for geothermal data by Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency

Virtual Data Room opened for geothermal data by Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency Current activities of exploration & exploitation of geothermal waters (source: CHA)
Alexander Richter 24 Nov 2020

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency has opened a virtual data room for interested parties to explore geothermal investment opportunities in Croatia based on data from 191 wells drilled in the country.

In a recent presentation at the IGC Invest Geothermal Forum, Marijan Krpan, President of the Management Board of the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency gave a great insight presentation on geothermal energy in Croatia.

The Hydrocarbon  Agency of Croatia promotes activities related to hydrocarbons, geothermal waters for energy purpose, underground gas storage, CCS, and compulsory stocks of oil and petroleum products. The agency organises all activities related to licensing rounds and the procedures thereof.

During the IGC event, Mrijan Krpan announced the opportunity for interested party being given access to remote insight into the great geothermal potential in Croatia through a virtual Data Room. In the data room one can remotely study seismic, well data and key wells that have proven geothermal potential.

The region of the Pannonian Basin has a high geothermal potential and the potential in the Croatian part of the basin has been proven in ca 200 well drilled. The country has above-average high geothermal gradients, around 60% higher than the European average.

There are 75 blocks identified as promising geothermal areas. The access to the available data greatly reduces the geological exploration risk.

The Virtual Data Room includes data on 191 key wells, of which 71 are related to electricity generation potential, while 120 are seen as sufficient for heating potential.

The type of documents that are included in the data room include: Geological final report, Stratigraphic report, Master log, Composite log, Final drilling report, Well prognosis, Water analysis, Salinity report, DST testing results, Chemical rock analysis, CBL analysis.

For more details contact the agency via [email protected]