Webinar on the future of geothermal in Chile and Argentina – June 13, 2019

GEOLAC 2019 - Webinar announcement
Carlo Cariaga 7 Jun 2019

Leading up to this year's GEOLAC, a webinar discussing the state of geothermal development in Chile and Argentina will be conducted on June 13.

As part of the 2019 Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean, a complementary webinar discussing the future of geothermal in Chile and Argentina is being offered. The webinar, called ‘Geothermal in the Southern Cone: The New Frontier?’ will be held on June 13 and is now open for registration.

A panel of representatives from international financial firms and experts on geothermal and renewable energy from Chile and Argentina will be on hand to conduct the webinar. Topics such as the role of policy on geothermal development, how private investors can engage with the industry, and the potential for the direct use of geothermal heat will be tackled.

To register for the webinar, you may follow this link.

Source: GEOLAC 2019