Webinar recording on geothermal economic simulation tool GEOPHIRES

Webinar recording on geothermal economic simulation tool GEOPHIRES GEOPHIRES webinar screenshot (source: NREL Learning YouTube channel)
Carlo Cariaga 6 Jan 2022

This webinar recording uploaded by NREL tackles of the basics of GEOPHIRES, a geothermal techno-economic simulation tool

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has posted a recording of a webinar by Dr. Koenraad Beckers on GEOPHIRES, a tool for making geothermal techno-economic simulations. The webinar was held live on December 17, 2021 but the recording is free for access via the NREL Learning YouTube channel.

GEOPHIRES combines reservoir, wellbore, and surface plant technical models with cost correlations and levelized cost models to estimate the capital and operation and maintenance costs, instantaneous and lifetime energy production, and overall levelized cost of energy of a geothermal plant. In addition to electricity generation, direct-use heat applications and combined heat and power or cogeneration can be modeled.

The code for GEOPHIRES is open-source and can be downloaded via GitHub.

Source: NREL Learning YouTube channel