Webinar Recording – Potential impact of geothermal industrial parks in East Africa

Geothermal Energy Industrial Park model (source: Sigurdur H. Markusson, screenshot)
Alexander Richter 31 Aug 2020

In this recording of a webinar by the U.S. Energy Association in cooperation with USAID, two specialists from Iceland share their thoughts on the potential of geothermal industrial parks in East Africa.

In the first webinar in the Geothermal Industrial Park series by the U.S. , Jón Örn Jónsson from Reykjavik Geothermal and Sigurður H. Markússon from Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland discussed the Icelandic experience with geothermal industrial parks and their potential in East Africa. Geothermal energy is the foundation of the Icelandic economy and contributes to Iceland’s 100% renewable industrial and household energy.

Innovation in the direct use of geothermal in Iceland has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for Icelanders and has advanced job creation. Our speakers will discuss how geothermal energy could be used in similar ways in East Africa to promote economic growth, sustainable development, and help combat climate change.

Source: U.S. Energy Association in cooperation with USAID