Well pad ready for drilling of third geothermal well in Montserrat

Well pad ready for drilling of third geothermal well in Montserrat Rig of Iceland Drilling arriving in Montserrat, August 2016 (source: Government of Montserrat)
Alexander Richter 2 Sep 2016

With the drilling rig having arrived in Montserrat, drilling for a third well for the island's third well for the geothermal power project can start soon.

Reporting from the the unloading of drilling equipment in Montserrat, Caribbean news network MNI published an interview and pictures.

On the site it also provides a video from the unloading of the drilling rid.

With the third well, the island hopes to realize a geothermal power project that has been a long time in the making. Currently there are two wells with a capacity potential of around 1.5 MW each, but requires an additional well which extends the capabilities of the project, and possibly a reinjection well. The island today has a capacity demand of 2.2 MW.

The site for the drilling operations for the third well has now been prepared and can receive the drilling rig.

Here a rig-up video by the company doing the drilling, Iceland Drilling:

Drilling is expected to be finished by November 2016, from which point the project can – if successful – pursue the development of the actual power plant.

Here below an interview with the project manager and government representatives from Montserrat.

Source: MNI Alive