With African presence French ENGIE could also look into geothermal

With African presence French ENGIE could also look into geothermal Rantau Dedap Drilling Equipment (Source: Supreme Energy Website)
Alexander Richter 14 Jun 2016

French ENGIE is well positioned to work on renewable energy projects in Africa, which hopefully will include geothermal projects.

French energy group ENGIE (formerly GDF Suez) has been involved in geothermal energy projects, in Indonesia, at home in France and more recently with announcements for some development in Mexico.

In an update today on the renewable energy sector in Africa, Engie talks about Africa being the source of global growth over the next 40 years, fuelled by strong demographics, an increase in foreign investment, and large-scale urbanization.

ENGIE has created a Business Unit dedicated entirely to Africa: local personnel and partnerships with companies on the ground will make this investment in Africa an African investment too. The initiative will create jobs, diversify the continent’s economy, and allow rural populations to gain access to affordable and sustainable energy.

A combination of centralized electricity generation with focus on renewable energies and gas, gas infrastructure, and energy support for local authorities, particularly in off-the-grid rural areas, will be used to continue to make the African presence of ENGIE a success.

So now one can only hope that Engie will play its muscle and help the countries in the East African Rift to develop their geothermal resources for power generation projects.

Source: Engie