Women in Geothermal honours outstanding individuals in inaugural awards

Women in Geothermal honours outstanding individuals in inaugural awards A proud Albert Genter and his team in Strasbourg/ France (source: Jeanne Vidal /WING)
Alexander Richter 29 Oct 2018

Women in Geothermal (WING) recently presented awards to honour outstanding individuals in the categories Caring, Empowerment, Courageous and Open, presenting awards to Albert Genter of ES in France, Susan Petty of AltaRock Energy in U.S., Nenny Saptadji of ITB in Indonesia, and David Lopez of LaGeo in El Salvador.

The 2018 GRC Annual Meeting and Expo was the perfect venue for the Women in Geothermal Association (WING) to present their inaugural awards to four well deserving recipients.  The awards are for nominees committed to the promotion, development and education of geothermal energy; nominated by their peers for embodying WING’s core values.  WING’s Core Valves are as follows: Courageous, Empowering, Open and Caring.


  • Be Imaginative and ambitious; stimulate new ideas
  • Use foresight, and identify opportunities and challenges
  • Challenge accepted truths and enter unfamiliar territory
  • Make clear demands on each other and push for constructive change
  • Understand and manage risk


  • Focus on strengths without micromanagement
  • Connect the right people
  • Champion and support other’s efforts and ideas
  • Give recognition
  • Contribute to a positive working environment


  • Be truthful and act with integrity
  • Be curious, work together and share experience
  • Promote and value diversity
  • Communicate in a precise way, give and accept constructive feedback
  • Bring up ethical issues and challenges immediately


  • Create safe work environments
  • Be open minded and empathize with others’ situations
  • Think beyond your borders; make the world your community
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and contribute to sustainable development

COURAGEOUS AWARD presented to Susan Petty, co-founder of AltaRock Energy, U.S.

Susan has spent her career challenging accepted truths in EGS and working to develop breakthrough energy technologies.

She has clarity in defining exactly what is needed – and what doesn’t work. That’s because she isn’t afraid to try new things – and not only fail, but share those failures with others to promote industry-wide learning.

Her successes are just as exciting. She and her team are constantly redefining what EGS looks like with their imaginative new ideas.

Breaking barriers isn’t easy – it takes great courage. If you know Susan, you know that she has plenty of courage which makes her unstoppable. Many that have stood in her way have gotten run over by the “jolly bulldozer.”

OPEN AWARD presented to Albert Genter of Electricité de Strasbourg (ES) in France

Albert is behind a lot of successful collaborations and always focuses on the strengths and skills of the men and women on his team to get projects accomplished. He creates a positive and cooperative working environment where everybody can find a place and feel free to make their own decisions. He is attentive to suggestions and recognizes the successful performances of his team.

He transmits his knowledge but he is always open to technical and scientific inputs from his team.

He takes time to listen and considers the ideas, never forcing to go in his direction. He makes science grow by giving us freedom to learn by ourselves. This way of working together is really fruitful, it allows us to be confident in our work.

EMPOWERING AWARD presented to David Lopez, CEO of LaGeo in El Salvador

Since Dr. Lopez took over the role of President, he has developed activities that encourage women empowerment in the electrical sector, and one of them is the unconditional support to the formation of WING El Salvador in June 2017.

He has believed in us, and empowers women in geothermal power plants to perform activities traditionally performed by men. Female participation in geothermal plants has grown by 20% since his arrival. He will seek to sign an agreement with El Salvador’s Ministry of Education to support WING women who have not finished high school, which will contribute to women empowerment.

He was the creator of Proyecto VIDA, the biggest reforestation project in the country, which consists in cultivating more than 6 million plants in the basins of influx rivers and in the areas of the geothermal power plants of the country. Proyecto VIDA has a policy that 70% of the jobs created must be performed by women. To this day, more than 3,000 direct jobs have been created by this project, changing the lives and empowering women from rural areas.

He has promoted the creation of specialized nurseries for the care of the children of LaGeo employees, and in this way contributed to WING women working with peace of mind, knowing that they have a place where their children are protected and stimulated.

CARING AWARD presented to Nenny Saptadji of ITB in Bandung/ Indonesia

Nenny became the people’s godmother, because she not only helps her students in academia, but in many aspects, such us funding and relationships. She fundraised for some students to pay their tuition fees, and some of these student have gone on to become influential professionals in the geothermal and oil industries.  Nenny was also responsible for pioneering the self-awareness program in ITB.

Women in Geothermal (WING) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote the education, professional development, and advancement of women in the geothermal community.

Founded in October 2013 at the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, WING is now represented in over 48 countries worldwide, with 14 dedicated Country Teams.

Source: Press Release (WING/ GeoEnergy Marketing)