Workshops announced as part of IGC Invest Geothermal 25-26 March 2020

Workshops announced as part of IGC Invest Geothermal 25-26 March 2020 IGC Invest Geothermal Forum 2019, Frankfurt (source:
Alexander Richter 10 Feb 2020

Two exciting workshops announced for the IGC Invest Geothermal conference 25-26 March 2020 featuring an introduction to legal and economic basis for geothermal development and an Upper Rhine geothermal overview.

This year’s IGC Invest Geothermal Finance & Investment conference has announced two workshops taking place ahead of the conference in Frankfurt/ Germany. With the conference day on March 26, 2020, the two workshops provide some additional insights into geothermal energy in the context of development and regional settings.

Workshop I: The Development of a Geothermal Project from the legal and economic perspective

Key topics discussed include technical and economic basics and status in Germany and internationally, the heat market in Germany and the market potential for geothermal, the legal framework for geothermal development, a look at drilling technology and risk management, challenges and lessons learned, business case and investment opportunities.

Workshop II: The Geothermal Development in the Upper Rhine Graben

The Upper Rhine Graben is the geothermal with the most promising chances in Germany, France and Switzerland. Here the geothermal gradients are very high. Meanwhile there are six geothermal plants in operation, the oldest since more than 25 years. The Workshop takes a look at the geothermal resources, introduces some of the actual plants and gives perspectives such as Lithium recovery from the geothermal fluids.

The key topics of this workshop include a look on how to decarbonize heat networks, the geothermal potential, seismic surveys in the region, local case studies, the French experience and the potential of Lithium in the Upper Rhine Valley.

The workshops will take place March 25, 2020 14:30 to 17:00.

The conference will take place March 26, 2020.

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