Zorlu Energy secures EUR3.5 million in research funding from the EU

Kizildere geothermal plant, Turkey (source:
Alexander Richter 19 Jan 2020

Zorlu Energy has secured up to EUR 3.5 million in funding for 6 different research projects developed by its own engineers within the Horizon 2020 Program, the largest research and innovation program of the EU.

According to the information shared by the company, Turkish Zorlu Energy has become the gateway of Turkey to the energy sector by carrying its know-how to projects based on international cooperation through its investment in ARGE.

Zorlu Energy, which continues its activities with the aim of being a reference point in the sector, has also attracted the attention of the European Union with its ARGE projects developed by its own engineers. Within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Program, which is the largest research and innovation program of the EU, which will be implemented between 2014 and 2020, it has been entitled to receive EUR 3.5 million for 6 different projects. New applications developed especially in the field of geothermal energy are the first in the world.

Sinan Ak, CEO of Zorlu Energy, who made evaluations on the subject, said that they were happy to take part in projects developed by young engineers from different countries of Europe, specialized companies, educational institutions and respected companies. “We are proud to be a globally referenced company in the energy sector. This support given by the EU is an indication that we are on the right track. “, he added that they will continue to pursue their short, medium and long term plans especially in line with their growth targets in renewable energy.

Supported projects

Zorlu Energy received 3 of the EU’s subsidies through projects developed in the field of geothermal energy. The first of these projects was GECO which aimed at sustainable management of natural mineral resources. The project which is executed by Zorlu Energy and the Middle East Technical University from Turkey and a total of 18 institutions from countries such as France, England, Italy, Iceland, Germany, aims to develop the international field applications to provide sustainability of geothermal fields  by pulling emissions down to zero by removing carbon dioxide and similar gases.

While the “GeoSmart Project“, which includes energy storage activities and is designated as the demo site of Kizildere 1 Geothermal Power Plant, being another project supported by EU , it is aimed to maintain the efficiency of the transmission of electricity to the grid in order to store the energy required for the continuation of electricity production in case of instant power cuts and high electricity requirements and to generate electricity and heat.

GeoPro, where the method used previously only in the oil sector, was adapted to geothermal, became the third project supported by the EU. Thanks to the planned method in the project, which is a first in the sector as the properties of geothermal fluid will be monitored instantly with the software and models starting from the reservoir to the operation phase, thus, some of the time consuming laboratory applications will be integrated into the technology and it will provide time savings and increased productivity.

Source: ThinkGeoEnergy’s Turkish news service JeotermalHaberler

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