Five companies bid for study on Argentinian project

Domuyo volcano, Neuquen province, Argentina (source: Flickr/ pablodf, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 29 Jun 2015

The project involves the update and development of the geothermal studies done in the 1980's

According to local news from Argentina, five companies, Teranov – Hidrotec, Consorcio Adage Geotermal Inc- Quantec Geoscience Argentina S.A., Geotermia Andina – Dtp Laboratorios – Consultoria Demison S.A. and Consorcio Enal – Proinsa, Grupo Minero Aconcagua presented last Thursday 18, technical and financial proposals to update and further the geothermal studies done in the 80’s in the Domuyo area alongside with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

This project aims to generate energy from the geothermal resources present in the area. The project includes the realization of socio-environmental studies and surface assessment services in geology, geophysics and geochemistry to develop a conceptual model and determine the underlying potential, currently estimated at around 100 MW.

The deadline for the studies is set to 9 consecutive months and the planned investment is around 6 million pesos (USD $660,000).

During the opening of envelopes authorities from the Secretariat of Energy and the National Investment Development Agency of Neuquén (ADI-NQN) were present.

Funding for these studies will be provided by the Government of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) through the Program for the Study of the Energy Sector of Argentina (PESE).

Source: NQ Norte