New alliance to develop geothermal heat projects in South Holland

Foundation of alliance for geothermal development in South Holland (source: HVC Groep)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 9 Nov 2017

An alliance of government, local municipalities and private sector companies is planning the development of geothermal heat projects in the South of the Netherlands.

Province of South Holland, DAGO (Dutch Association Geothermal Operators), EBN BV, Eneco, HVC, Hydreco GeoMEC BV and the Municipality of Westland, together under the name Geothermie Alliantie Zuid-Holland, are working to preserve the heat supply by extracting geothermal heat in the province South Holland.

The Geothermal Alliance was established to promote the recovery and use of sustainable heat from the deep underground (geothermal energy) in the province of South Holland. This looks at the optimal possibilities for the development of geothermal energy in South Holland. And how these can be transformed into concrete plans to get geothermal energy safe and socially responsible. To this end, all participating parties will have their relevant knowledge and experience in the fields of geothermal, infrastructure development and the heat market.

South Holland is the province where conditions in the deep subsoil are beneficial to win geothermal heat. Most of the geothermal projects in the Netherlands are located in Zuid-Holland (8 out of 15). This usually involves initiatives from greenhouse companies that have explored and realized the potential of geothermal energy. It is expected that the geothermal heat in the coming period can also be won for the heating of homes, offices and other industries, for example through the connection with the construction of a heat sink.

The development of sustainable, local heat sources, such as geothermal energy, is of great importance for the conservation of the heat supply. The climate agreement of Paris and the phasing out of natural gas mean that the use of other heat sources will increase enormously in the coming years. With this new alliance, the parties want to use heat from the ground for deployment in heat dishes, in addition to residual heat.

Source: HVC Group