Several scholarships available for renewable energy studies in New Zealand

Rotorua geothermal spring, New Zealand (source: flickr/ Stuck in Customs, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 17 Feb 2016

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade has announced several scholarships programs available for studies in New Zealand, among others in renewable energy and geothermal.

While for only a limited number of countries, the New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade  has published details for several different types of scholarships.

Some programs are only accessible for countries in the Pacific, others are open to countries in Southeast Asia. There though also NZ Development Scholarships available for a wider group of countries, e.g. in Africa etc.

As the Geothermal Institute points out the scholarships are open for students looking at studying renewable energy subjects in New Zealand.

Deadline for scholarships is April 30 2016.

Details can be found: