Turkey with potential to be a pioneer in geothermal energy development

Dora 2 Geothermal Power Plant, Turkey
Alexander Richter 11 Sep 2012

Turkey could be a pioneer in geothermal development, so Tevfik Kaya of Turkish Petroleum Int. Co in an interview with the organizers of the upcoming GeoPower Turkey event, to take place October 16-17, 2012.

In an interview with the organizers of the GeoPower Turkey event, to take place in Istanbul/ Turkey, October 16-17, 2012, Tevfik Kaya
Chief Engineer and Geothermal Projects Coordinator of Turkish Petroleum Int.Co.Ltd provides his view on Turkish renewable opportunities and development.

What advice would you offer to other companies looking to move in to the sector?

Taking into account of Turkey’s potential, the current usage is still far behind from the expected level. It means that there are many opportunities for the investor to be a player in geothermal business. Howerver this does not imply that this attractive business does not require intensive risk analysis .The there key factors to be successful in geothermal projects is being conscious of project management, having a trustable technical team, current material selection.

What do you think is the future of government support for renewables in their region?

The government’s main objectives were declared as the amount of electricity generation from renewable energy sources shall be increased at least to 30 percent of total electricity generation by the end of 2023 in Turkey. I strongly believe that this target for 2023 requires some additional government support for the current projects and FIT for renewable in Turkey will be more helpful for the power investment.

How quickly do you think the Turkish market for renewable will grow?

Turkey has the potential to be a pioneer in geothermal energy in next coming decades. It will make a distinguished name for itself as one of the most outstanding of geothermal projects in the world. Turkey has enough reserves to fulfill the heat requirements of 1.2 million homes by means of geothermal heat power. Analysts set forth the potential of Turkey as more than 1000 MWe to 2000 MWe commercially viable megawatts from geothermal resources, which as we know is an efficient source with minimal environmental impact.

The GeoPower Turkey event will take place part as part of the larger Turkish International Renewable Energy Congress (TIREC) in Istanbul, October 16-17, 2012.

Source: Conference website