Bolivia stops discussions on evaluation of geothermal project

Alexander Richter 22 Jul 2022

A tender for a consultancy on evaluating the future of the 100 MW Laguna Colorada geothermal project in Bolivia has been cancelled by the state utility Ende.

The state power utility of Bolivia, ENDE is in the process of construction of a 5 MW geothermal pilot plant high up in the Andes. The plant is built by Ormat Technologies with Sacyr. The project seems to be close to completion.

As part of the plans to then fully built a 100 MW geothermal project, Ende sought consultancy services in a tender/ request for proposals in 2020, and then again in May of this year.  It now is reported by BN Americas that Ende has voided the international call for consultancy to evaluate the future of the larger built out of the project.

Initially three groups were invited for a meeting on the tender, but now Ende declared that none of the offers met the requirements of the bidding process.  With the sought after consultancy on a feasibility study, the economic viability, as well as some review of existing engineering and technical studies was to be conducted.

It is unclear what this will mean for the project. We have not been able to source the actual release by ENDE, which has not been published on its website.

Source: BN Americas