Drilling commences for second well in Kolo geothermal project, Poland

Drilling commences for second well in Kolo geothermal project, Poland Geotermia Kolo concept (source: MZEC website)
Carlo Cariaga 23 Mar 2022

Drilling has started on the second well of the Kolo geothermal district heating project in Poland.

Exalo Drilling has announced that the drilling of well Kolo GT-2 has started. This will be the second well in the Kolo geothermal project in Poland. The drilling is being done on the grounds of Miejski Zaklad Energetyki Cieplnej (MZEV) and has a target final depth of about 3050 meters.

The contract for the drilling job was signed between MZEC and Exalo Drilling SA last year, as we reported. The 21.7 million PLN (USD 5.4 million) contract was awarded to Exalo Drilling following an open tender. The first well, Kolo GT-1, was drilled in 2018.

Drilling of Kolo GT-2 is being done using the Drillmec HH220, the latest drilling rig of Exalo. On top of the drilling of the well, the contract with Exalo Drilling also involves a series of hydrogeological, geophysical, and laboratory analyses during and after drilling. The entire schedule of activities is expected to last 315 days.

The Kolo geothermal project aims to take advantage of the natural geothermal potential of the city with the goal of achieving energy independence for Kolo. This will reduce the cost of heating while also improving the quality of air in the city.

Source: Exalo Drilling